Mail Manager for the Architecture Industry

Mail Manager helps architects spend more time on the things they love doing and less on the things they don’t - admin!  

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How we help the Architecture industry

Mail Manager allows you to search through millions of indexed emails across your business in less than 2 seconds, meaning mitigated risk, better productivity, and advanced filing using our AI-powered platform.



Others manage correspondence efficiently and are able to put you on the back foot in a dispute immediately. You're worried about which records could get brought up and how organised the Project Manager has been with his audit trail.



Immediately mitigate risk. No more delays and wasted time spent on claims. Get a full audit trail across a project, with information readily accessible. Connect site teams with the main office and ensure shared project information, even when a member of staff leaves.



Achieve a full audit trail and reduced cost relating to claims without wasting time filing. Mail Manager search enables you to address issues before they become problems by being claim ready rather than claim reactive. Seamlessly find any email relating to any project, in any inbox.

What our clients say

“Mail Manager is transforming our business. I can't imagine going back to filing and searching with Outlook again. We have been looking for a simple and quick process for the filing of email, and Mail Manager does exactly this.”

Mark Hickson | Managing Director
T&B Contractors

"We calculated that by implementing Mail Manager, the weekly savings would be enormous compared to the cost of the software per person per day, making it a 'no brainer' decision to implement."

Monica Parrot | Quality Manager

"Organised and simple to use. Mail Manager simply works. It has continued to improve without complicating things."

Chris Lilly | Founding Principle
Lilly Architects

Our Architecture Customers

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You can now try Mail Manager for free on one of your projects. There is no set-up required, you install it and it starts to learn staff behaviours to help automate the process of filing emails in your current project filing system.

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